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Claude's Notes

Claudio Spitoni
10 August 1983
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Hi peeps, Name's Claudio, 24 years old & I was born In Italy but been In Scotland since I was 2 years old. I'm a big sports fan, I like most things from football & rugby to ice hockey & Mixed Marital Arts but rugby Is my favorite sport In which I play for a team.

Was at Norwich Union for ages before i decided to leave & i'm now a temp for a while. My favorite band Is Oasis & In my spare time I'm pretty much playing my PS3 or Xbox 360, watching movies & comedies.

Also an anime fan as well, I only like a few certain animes....my favorite of all time is Hajime No Ippo, Also love South Park & Family Guy & a lot of British comedies, American TV-wise I love Smallville, 24, Heroes, Friends & Scrubs